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Welcome to the Warhammer 40,000 tactics WikiaEdit

Hi and welcome to my wikia :D! I've created this because i wanted to share my opinion on: the forces i collect, how i use them and to try and give valuable advice to people who are thinking of starting one of these forces. The forces i own are: dark eldar, khorne daemonkin, chaos daemons and orks. I also have the Space Wolves codex along with the champions of Fenris supplement and the blood angels codex but i do not possess an army to compliment them, however i will go through them and share my opinion on the units and tactics (also you can send me an email via and tell me how you use them and give advice to the community). Expect to see new codices coming to the wikia as well and you can tell which ones you would like to see next and i will gather your opinions for decision.

How will this work?Edit

My Wikia will be a place to discuss tactics on Warhammer 40,000 and how players use different lists armies and units. As in the description above you can email me and tell me how you play your force or ask me about how to start your force. You can also discuss tactics in the comments section and talk with other like minded people about certain tactics. Also you can talk about the fluff and background of 40k as it always makes an interesting debate. Speaking of fluff i will also make pages based on my own factions i have made within the forces i collect and ask for your opinion on ideas to expand these sub-factions. I hope you enjoy and welcome to the Wikia! :)

Tactics: Dark Eldar 7th edition

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Haemonculus realspace raid

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Tactics: Space Wolves 7th edition