Why play Space Wolves?Edit

Space Wolves are a short range shooting and close combat army that uses many unique weapons in comparison to other astartes chapters such as frost weapons, wolf claws and hellfrost weapons. If you have knowledge about the Space Wolves chapter you will probably know that the neophytes (new recruits) are not in fact introduced to a scout company but instead become blood claws. If they do make it through training they can choose to become wolf scouts which are much more experienced. This is reflected by their units as one of their troop options is blood claws which are as close to space marine horde units as you can get. Wolf scouts have ,unlike their scout counterparts, a higher weapon skill and ballistic skill which makes them much more reliable snipers but they are instead elites. But anyway i've gone off on a bit of a tangent. The Space Wolves armies have many HQ options and the force organisation chart encourages you to take lots of them. But this can however devour lots of your points as Space Wolves HQs are expensive and can sometimes tempt you to kit out your characters to the max and it usually results in you having a wolf lord that costs 200 points or more (about as much as a land raider). A good rule i learnt from 1d4chan is the 'boys over toys' rule which  esentially means that you should focus on the main bulk of your army rather than focusing most of your points on your HQ options. If you dont like this however you can just take 2 packs of 5 blood claws and then focus on your HQs or you can go unbound and make a company of heroes which i am very tempted to do (hypocritical i know). A company of heroes army is one that is composed entirley of HQs and special characters. This may seem impractical but... who cares? its awesome!!


  • awesome looking models
  • good for begginers 
  • very tough
  • versitile 
  • epic backstory
  • great Space Wolf unique weapons


  • expensive points wise
  • expensive HQs that can tempt you to spend lots of points on them