Why play Orks? Edit

Orks are a horde army plain and simple. Their armies comprise of hordes of gretchin and ork boyz supported by huge walkers and makeshift tanks and trukks. This play style may seem simple but dont let it fool you the orks are a hard army that must be co-ordernated or will destroy themselves in a flurry of violence.

Orks basic infantry ,ork boyz, have a high toughness value (although a crap armour save) and lots and lots of attacks. All orks sport furious charge and the 'ear we go! sepcial rule that allows them to get into to combat quickly and easily. Orks are primarily a close combat army but can hold there own in ranged. The the deception of this is their balistic skill of 2 meaning they only hit 5+ for shooting but this is countered by the huge number of shots they can pump out, the high strength of their gunz and the fact that nearly all of there weapons are assault meaning they can move, shoot and then charge.

Ork weapons tend to be very random due to their make-shift tech and carelesness of the quality of their weapons as the only thing they care about is how many shots they can fire and how loud they can be, so don't think that their weapons will be smooth and reliable like that of the imperium because some weapons even have a chance of blowing up and killing the user and his allies!